commercial property

Acquire and Develop

Each project undertaken by Rhino Capital is commenced only after rigorous site due diligence and extensive market research into the fundamental consumer demand for the property being delivered to the market.

Leveraging the experience of the best professionals in the industry, Rhino ensures that each facet of the project lifecycle is delivered to the highest standard.

commercial property


We have the vision, financial strength, and technical capabilities to underwrite and close difficult transactions efficiently and quickly. We acquire plots on which we can design and construct purpose-built facilities.

On a daily basis we are working towards a more innovative, seamless approach to achieving the vision of new, innovative commercial property


At Rhino Capital, we place a strong emphasis on personalized service, which is a result of our unique personal culture. This culture allows us to provide tailored advice to our clients, and we are always striving to strengthen our relationships within our network.


Thanks to our relationships with publicly and privately owned companies and institutional funds, we have access to a wide range of opportunities both on and off the commercial property market.


Our expert market research analysts help us stay up-to-date with the latest information in the sector, allowing us to thrive in ever-changing environments.

Adaption to ever-changing times

As urban populations increase, the utilization of buildings is evolving. Rhino Capital is actively looking for structurally efficient solutions to maximize usable floor space and unlock greater potential from available land.

commercial property


We lead office and mixed-use development projects from conception to construction and completion.

Our experienced team guarantees to get the job done in a timely and financially efficient manner. We manage all facets of the multi-step process including:

  • Preliminary Site Planning and Analysis
  • Design Coordination
  • Budget Planning
  • Communication Coordination
  • Master Scheduler
  • Design Team Selection
  • Municipal Liaison
  • Construction Management
  • Quality Control
  • Turnover & Transition
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“Rhino Capital Group has extensive experience in developing and acquiring commercial properties, as well as providing high-productivity machinery for a wide range of excavation applications.”