High-productivity and long-distance excavation machinery for the toughest rock conditions

Rhino One specialises in renting out machinery for a wide range of applications including in-line excavation, civil works, network laying, surface mining and earthworks.


Equipment and Service

Our equipment is designed to not only increase efficiency but also to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. In addition, Rhino Capital has a team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to providing top-notch service and support to its clients.

Rhino Capital is committed to keep up with the industry by investing in new technology and equipment to better serve their clients.

Rhino One works alongside STE

Specialist Tunnel Excavation is a top-performing company when it comes to delivering comprehensive solutions for surface mining and trenching to various industries including civil, mining, pipeline, and utility. STE has proven capability across multiple applications which has included major tunnel projects, mining, and civil infrastructure bulk rock removal.

Rhino One partners with DC PE

DC PE provides a wide range of dust collector solutions to Rhino One. Sustainability, cost-effectiveness, effective dust control services, physical well-being, and a safe working environment are their top priorities.

Our preferred choice of machinery is Tesmec

Tesmec offers cutting-edge machinery for in-line excavation, civil works, network laying, surface mining and earthworks. A team of experts is always at Rhino One's side to promptly provide the best support in the management of our machines.

m About

“Rhino Capital Group has extensive experience in developing and acquiring commercial properties, as well as providing high-productivity machinery for a wide range of excavation applications.”